Monday, November 17, 2014

You Can Run But You Can't Hide!

Smelling flowers before chemo
All the probiotics and essential oils in the world cannot completely save you from cold and flu season when you are as tired as this family. Our little home was hit hard this week. It started with Mommy...that feeling that this might not be allergies then two hours later that feeling snowballs to you sitting on the couch looking like warm death. I was shuffling around the house in my jammies carrying a box of tissues in one hand and my homeopathic remedies in the other when I heard a big sneeze come out of a little kid, I turn around to find Emma staring back at me. It got worse from there. All day Friday I stayed home sick as a dog while two healthy kids ran circles around me and one sick kid whimpered next to me. I finished cooking dinner and told the girls to go to the table, "Mommy I don't feel good I lay down on the couch." Oh no, big red flag. When Emma doesn't want to eat be afraid. I took her temperature and she was reading in the 104-105 degree range. In a panic I called the hospital then Daddy to warn him there might be an ambulance in our driveway when he arrives, packed up the kids, and when Daddy came home we rushed to the ER.
Unhappy sick girl in the ER
Six hours and several tests later for RSV, Flu, and Septis we were told the high fever was from her viral infection and to go home. We rolled home at 1am still sick and very tired. The next morning her little sister started throwing up and continued redecorating herself, me and our home with vomit at least every hour for the day. We are thankful that Emma did not have anything worse and that she and her sister are feeling better now. Emma is already back to her perky little self. After a weekend like that are are hoping and praying for good health and a bunch of uneventful and quiet holidays.

Today Emma's glasses arrived so we went to try them on for a fitting. They ended up being a
One of Emma's holiday pictures
comedy of errors. Although Daddy and I both wear glasses this is our first child in glasses and we were unprepared for the amount of research required to get a good fit. I was also unprepared for two different optometry offices who claimed to fit kids being totally clueless! The pair that arrived today for her were too small, had traditional metal hinges when they were supposed to be silicone, and felt cheaply made. We were not happy with them so I sent them back and ordered a different pair. I have a sinking feeling this will be a sharp learning curve for Mommy.

If you didn't catch it before Emma was in the news again last week! Check out the link below for her article in the Modesto Bee! Emma's Update

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