Thursday, May 14, 2015

Run Away

First run of our training, ground zero.

I believe there are only two reasons why women run, 1. Toward something or 2. Away from something. They might be running toward prebaby weight or better health which is the most common. There are a select few of women who run away from things. I am not a runner. In fact, I usually say that if I am running you better as well because I am running for a good reason like a from a bear or zombies. However, when life becomes dark I find myself grabbing a pair of running shoes. I huff and puff and curse under my breath but when I am finished with my run I feel so much better. It is the good kind of hurt. Maybe it is because it is because I am imagining I am running away from my problems.

When Emma got sick I did not run. It was the first time that instead of turning to my sneakers and the outdoors I closed the door to hide inside. Now that I have help for my depression I am searching for outdoor activities to lift my spirits. Emma and I do a lot of gardening but I needed something just for me, something quiet...something with out kids.

So I became a little crazy and signed up for a half marathon. Have I ever ran 13 miles? Nope, never. When I was running before Cora was born I was running 2.5 miles and loving it but this is a lot further. Emma's battle has taught me to chose memories over items and to start crossing things off my Bucket List. Right now I cannot pick up and go to Europe but I can train for a Half Marathon.

The first day I set out with Cora in the double stroller and made it a mile and a half. I think I could have kept going but I am starting slow. I am calling that day ground zero. By October I hope to be well within the qualifying time. 

So this January a team will run for Emma to raise money for childhood cancer. We are hoping to run for St. Judes but the charities have not been announced yet. I am asking you to join me. Join me by running with us, join me by cheering us on, join me by helping us to raise money for the team to donate to the charity. I ask you to reflect, do you have a reason to run?

If you would like to join our team we have a secret group on Facebook to chat and support each other, contact us by email or on Emma's page if you would like to join,

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